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running very rough

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hey guyz,

after the intake manifold replacement at ford my car is running really rough (to the point where i think i'll lose my teeth). the car also died on me twice. once at a traffic light (just as i let off the brake and about to hit the gas) and once after i turned my car on, it was running for about 2 minutes while i was putting my gear in the trunk and then it died. now it's throwing up a code, which i'll have to have pulled on monday. the car has no pick up and it runs rough through the whole rpm range. this is 2 days after the intake manifold replacement. does anybody have any suggestions or ideas as to what could be causing this?

as to ford, i'll be calling them on monday to speak about that particular dealer. they still don't want fix the problems that started after they laid their hands on my car.

many thanks,

fat stan
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there is probobly a small amount of coolant/water in the spark plug holes which is causing a misfire. Pull the spark plug boots out of the heads and see if there is any moisture on them

anybody else?

does anybody else have ideas as to what could be the problem or possible solutions?
Make sure that every connector you see is plugged in all the way. It's amazing how bad the car will run when the Throttle Position Sensor is disconnected!!!
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