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S-Model Supercharger &
70mm TB 'How-To'

Note: Before beginning it is recommended that you
read the SC
OD Pulley install 'How-To'
for pulley removal and the Spark plug wire
installation 'How-To' articles. You will need the Supercharger Reseal Kit
E9SZ-19577-A which is available from your local Ford parts department or
any Gasket Maker (requires 6-12 hours set-up time). You will need about
4 hours to complete the removal and installation of the supercharger, throttle
body, and inlet plenum. S-Model supercharger and 70mm BBK Throttle Body
can be purchased through MN12

  1. Designate a clean area to set the parts down after removal from the
  2. Disconnect the connector to the Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor
    and loosen the clamp at the Throttle Body. Remove the air tube assembly
    from the Throttle Body (TB) and pull the air intake system
    out. Disconnect the #1,#2,#3 plug wires from the distributor.
  3. Disconnect all (accelerator, speed sensor, & AOD) linkages from
    the TB bracket. Next, remove the 2 bolts that attach the TB bracket to
    the inlet plenum assembly.
  4. Disconnect fuel charging wiring connectors at the throttle position
    (TPS) and idle air control (IAC) from the
  5. Remove the supercharger belt & pulley (see
    SC OD pulley installation article

  6. Remove all vacuum hoses that connect to the inlet plenum. (Hint:
    Mark the location of all vacuum hoses that are connected to the inlet plenum
    before removal).
    Loosen supercharger bypass hose clamps
    that connect the inlet plenum to the outlet plenum.
  7. Remove the supercharger outlet plenum collar nut with the spanner nut
    wrench and remove the 2 nuts that connect the upper intercooler tube assembly
    to the intercooler.

Hint: If you never cleaned the Intercooler out or
flushed the radiator this is the best time. Use mineral spirits or a can
of brake fluid to clean the Intercooler out and radiator flush to clean
the radiator out. This is also the best time to mount a intercooler fan
behind the intercooler.

  1. If your SC is equipped with a Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
    valve you need to remove the two bolts that connect the EGR valve to the
    inlet plenum along with the bolt that connects the EGR transducer. You
    will have to remove the passenger side cowl vent screens to access the
    EGR. You will need a 3/8" flex head ratchet to reach the 2 bolts that
    hold the EGR to the inlet plenum. If your SC is equipped with the coolant
    lines that run through the TB you will need to block the lines off.
  1. Finally, remove the three bolts that hold the supercharger down to
    the intake. Remove the supercharger, intake plenum, & throttle body
    together from the car. Clean as much oil and dirt from the engine as possible
    using brake cleaner or engine cleaner and compressed air. With the supercharger
    out check all vacuum hoses for signs of cracking and check valve covers
    for oil leaks. With the stock supercharger out of the car check all vacuum
    fittings on the inlet plenum and swap any fittings over to the S-Model
    that are different. Remove the 4 bolts that hold the SC top on the supercharger
    and remove the SC top. Clean and inspect sealing surfaces. Remove the 4
    retaining nuts from the stock TB and separate the TB from the inlet plenum.
    With the TB off remove the IAC and TP sensors. (Note:
    Be careful the screws are very hard to get off so use a bench and a good
    phillips head screw driver to remove the screws. Install both IAC and TP
    sensors on the new BBK TB. Tighten the IAC bolts to 6-9 lb-ft and the TPS
    phillip screws to 6-9 lb-ft. Check all nuts and bolts that connect the
    intake plenum to the supercharger and torque to proper specifications.

  2. Check the TP voltage after you install the TPS on the TB. To check
    voltage connect the TPS connector to the TPS and using a paper clip insert
    one end into the the back of the harnesses CENTER wire in the 3 wire harness.
    Turn the ignition to ON with the engine off and check the voltage using
    a volt meter. At idle the voltage should be between (see chart).
    To adjust the voltage turn the idle stop screw down until correct voltage
    range is achieved. If correct voltage cannot be set then remove the TPS
    and using a drill bit or chain saw file round the brass holes that the
    screws go through to hold the TPS down to the TB. This will provide you
    adjustibility when setting the base voltage.

    Passenger Car Engine


    1993 Service Part

    Voltage at Idle


    V6 3.8L EFI




    V6 3.8L SC




    V8 (4.6L) EFI




    V8 (5.0L) HO



Installation is the reverse of removal.

Torque Specifications



Supercharger Retaining Bolts8mm


Supercharger Retaining Bolts12mm


Supercharger Outlet Adapter Bolts/Stud


Throttle Body Assembly Retaining Nuts


Intake Elbow Bolts


Charge Air Cooler Tube Retaining Nuts


Charge Air Cooler Outlet Tube to Bracket Bolt


Supercharger Adapter Collar (Nut)


Charge Air Cooler Outlet Tube Bracket (to Cylinder Block)


Charge Air Cooler Outlet Tube Bracket (to Cylinder Block)


Charge Air Cooler Outlet Tube Bracket (to Cylinder Block)


Charge Air Cooler Retaining (to Radiator Air Boot) Screw
and Washer Assys


Generator and Power Steering Pump Bracket Nut


Throttle Linkage Bracket Bolt


Bypass Hose Clamps

20-30 (Lb-In)

Sensor Assembly


Power Pump Bracket Brace to Water Pump


Plenum Bolts


Charge Air Cooler Outlet Tube Stud

17-88 (Lb-In)
(*) - Fully seat then tighten to (17-88 lb-in)

MN12 Performance

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