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Over Drive Pulley Removal & Installation "How-To"

Their are two types of pulley's 5% and 10% overdrive. The 5% is a SVO
design that is available from Magnuson
Products (805-642-8833)
and is good for about 1-1.5lbs of additional
boost. The 10% is available from several sources, Magnuson
Autospecialties (281-261-5811) and March
Performance (734-729-9070)
and is good for about 2-2.5lbs of additional

Before removing the stock supercharger pulley you will need a 6in 3
arm pulley puller which is available for rental or loan from most auto
part stores. If you choose to buy one it may cost you up to $30 bucks for
a good one. Next, you will need a 18mm socket with a 5in extension on a
3/8 or 1/2in ratchet. It is better if you have two 18mm sockets and two
ratchets. To help increase the belt tension on the supercharger pulley
you should replace the stock 8 rib belt tensor pulley with the larger pulley
(76.20mm or 3" diameter) available at AutoZone, NAPA, or Pep Boys
(Ford part#F6AZ-8678-BA). Dayco part number 89016 (metal),
Gates part number 38023 (thermoplastic). This larger diameter pulley
is 76.20 mm compared to 70.00 mm for the origional size and is the same
pulley used on the alternator and crankshaft belt tensors.
This helps increase the belt tension on the supercharger pulley and thus
reduce the chance of the belt slipping during higher rpms. The new belt
that is recommended for the smaller pulley is a Gates belt K080390
and can be picked up at many auto parts stores (keep the old belt as
an emergency replacement
). This is a good time to replace your accessories
(long belt) and crankshaft to halfshaft (short belt) belts
if it's been more than three years or you have too much cracking or chunks
of belt ribs missing. Also, check the supercharger fluid level by using
an Allen wrench to remove the black cap on the front right side of the
supercharger. On level ground the fluid should reach the bottom lip of
the opening. You can order more fluid from you local Ford dealership or

Begining Installation:

  1. You need to remove the nut holding the blower pulley on the supercharger
    shaft. To remove the nut hold the belt and pulley with one hand and back
    off the nut with the 18mm socket & ratchet (counter clockwise).

  2. You need to release the belt tension on the crankshaft to halfshaft belt
    tensor and move the belt aside so you can remove the upper belt (halfshaft
    to supercharger pulley).

  3. Release the belt tension on the halfshaft to supercharger pulley and slide
    the belt off the Supercharger pulley.
Once the belts are removed you need to use the 3 arm pulley puller and
attach it to the blower pulley and slowly remove it from the shaft.

At this point replace the supercharger belt tensor pulley with the larger
(76.20mm or 3" diameter).

Next, clean the supercharger shaft and front seal with brake cleaner
and apply a light coating of grease or anti seize to the supercharger shaft.
Slide the new overdrive pulley on the supercharger shaft being careful
of the upper coolant housing. Line the groove in the pulley with the pin
on the supercharger shaft (easier to see once the supercharger pulley is

Next, when you to tighten the nut on the supercharger shaft you will
need to be careful since banging the pulley on the shaft may damage the
front seal on the supercharger. Push the pulley on as far as you can by
hand, then by holding the pulley (having another person helps) tighten
the nut down. The shaft will only show about 2 threads when the pulley
is fully seated and the nut is installed. If you have trouble getting a
good grip on the pulley try slipping the new belt on and with the help
of the belt tension finish tightening the nut .

Finally, belt installation is the reverse of removal.. After the belts
are back on check that all ribs are properly seated on the pulleys. Start
the car up and check all belts again.
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