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Has anyone watched/played "Scourge of Worlds".

I was wondering through the store yesterday buying DVD's and saw this. It's a D&D based interactive DVD. The story has your normal D&D characters (Human fighter, Halfling thief, Elf magic user, cleric...) in an "adventure", and at certain points in the story, you have to make choices. Let they guy go, attack, discuss, go to town “A” or town “B”, etc…

It's supposed to have 990 different story tracks. It's a lot like the old books that say, "to attack, go to page 57". Except on the DVD, you just select the choice and hit enter and the movie continues.

Seems like a pretty neat idea. Granted the animation isn't up to "Final Fantasy" levels, but they are still ok.

Just wondering if anyone else had played it. :thumbsup:
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