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seats & dash

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I am going to do this, but I just want to know if peopel have any idea what this would cost. I am getting (hopefully) a full set of SC seats, they need to be redone (the driver seat is pretty bad). I want to get them done black with red inserts and see if i can have the tbird logo stitched in to the headrests in red. also, i am going to get my dash re-upholstered cause it is in desperate need of it, thatll be in a red as well. -greg
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Been there, done that.

There ae two styles of SC seats. I believe the separation is 89-91 and 92-95. The early seats have bigger (taller) bolsters. is where I got mine. Will have pics in a week or two.
SC seats are a bolt in mod for some, others have to splice the power wire.
i believe they are older seats, but i dont SC on thier list there. how much it cost you?
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