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I have a Rear window glass that us possibly from a 1955 or 1956 T-Bird ..?
It does appear to be that shape and it is pretty old ...
My wife inherited this when her mom passed away. Her moms husband was into buying and restoring before he passed.
It has been stored in the garage and my Mother-In-Law told me she was sure that's what it fit.
I have a pic of the mark ... Not that much to go on, but you guys probably know if this looks like a 1950's T-Bird back glass.
She was told it is original ... I don't know, but it looks like that's a possibility ... Also do not know what it's worth ...
Thanks in advance ..!
This first pic is a close-up of the etched mfg name, and the second pics is obviously a pic of the whole window ...
I am located in Denver area, so if you are nearby you could save some on shipping ...

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