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It's time to let her go. She's a '97 Kenny Brown Thunderbird w/ 67000 miles. She has 55000 on her when I bought her, I am also the third owner. She was featured in a magazine which will be provided to the buyer. Also will include ALL Kenny Brown documentation on the build. Here is a list of mods:

Vortech S-trim w/ 3.25" pulley
65 mm throttle body
30 lb. hr. injectors
SCT chip (base tune, needs dyno tuning)
Transgo shift kit
Dual front mount tranny coolers
3.73 rear gears
ADR Kasai 18x8 Chrome wheels
13" front, 12" rear Cobra brakes
Cobra spare tire
Eiback Springs
Bilstein shocks
Upgraded rear sway bar
3" exhaust (no cats)
Cobra R hood (unpainted)
94 Supercoupe front bumper
93 Supercoupd rear bumper
94 Supercoupe ground effects (not installed)
JDM lightweight racing seats
Cyberdyne green digital gauges (water temp, intake air temp, tranny temp)
Brand new Kenwood head unit
Interior converted from yellow/brown to brown/black
Memphis Belle 6 channel 1000 watt amp
Kicker Solobaric 10" sub
New front and rear glass rubber moulding
Zeitronix data logger w/ wide band O2 sensor

What it needs:
Hood painted
Holes from 97 side cladding filled/painted, or side cladding reinstalled
SC GFX painted and installed - if you choose to go that route
Dyno tune

The front tires were put on in Sept of '07 along w/ the front end being aligned. Rear tires are take offs from ebay, but still have about 70% life left. My only issues with her right now is poor gas milage (around 12-14) and a rough idle from time to time. It is my belief that w/ a fresh tune up and a proper dyno tune this would be an easy fix. She will still shag some serious ass when hammered on. I'm really pretty easy on her, except for the occasional blast up the on ramp getting on the turnpike. She is my daily driver and would not think twice about taking her on a cross county trip, other than the MPG. Cosmeticly, the only problem is the upper door trim on the driver side door. It was damaged last spring when some a-hole broke into her. There is a small scuff on the passenger side mirror and a light scratch on the passenger side quarter panel. Other than that there are absolutly no dents or dings anywhere.I'm asking $3500. Hit me up at DCullenATcoxDOTnet or PM me for pics.


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can you send pics to [email protected]
interior and engine

where in oklahoma are you?
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