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About a week and a half ago I posted about my shift cable breaking - the shifter just moved back and forth with no resistance or gear changes. So I pulled it out and sure enough, the cable was broken about 3" from the bottom. I ordered a replacement, (~$42 with TCCoA discount), and took a few pics during replacement, because even the manual isn't very clear.

The first pic shows the broken cable itself, along with the new replacement. The cable comes as part of that whole assembly - it's replaced as a unit:

The next pic shows where you'll be working on top, after removing the console and trim panel. The manual only mentions removing the trim panel but trust me - the whole console has to come off.

This pic shows those top parts unbolted, with the shifter turned up so you can see what you have to get to to unbolt the cable - it's held to the shifter with 2 bolts, but I found that additionally removing the part the the cable itself hooks to made it a lot easier to snap the ball connector out. (the upper and lower ball joints just snap out of their connectors.) The upper part of the cable is already removed in this pic.

The last pic shows the biggest hassle. This tray has to be removed to unscrew the three screws that hold the cable "boot" to the tray. (The "boot" is that cone-shaped rubber thing the old shifter cable is stickng through - you can see what it looks like in the first pic.) It's screwed on from the front, and that tray has a rubber seal on the bottom that really sticks to the tranny tunnel, plus the side flanges stick way under the carpet and pad. I hand to really yank to get it out, and it was a real pain getting it back under the carpet! BTW - when that tray is out, you're looking straight down onto the front u-joint.

Anyway, I hope these pics clarify what you have to go through to replace the shift cable. It all went back together fine, (I used a screwdriver to "lever" the tray back under the carpet and pad), and I've got my shifts back!
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