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I had my tranny rebuilt (bad synchros), installed DF Centerforce clutch, new slave cylinder and had my flywheel resurfaced a few months ago, and ever since ive had shifting problems.
While the car is moving it is generally, not always, easy to get into gear and the clutch does its job. but when i come to a stop it is very often extremely difficult to get the car into gear. with a lot of force, its does go into gear (no grinding) but then begins to roll ahead as if the clutch is not fully engaged and its slighty grabbing.
Ive bled the system about 4 times with no change then got frustrated and had the clutch pressure bled at a local shop, still no change.
Could this be a master cylinder problem, or extremely stubborn trapped air or what?
Has anyone else experienced this, or know of any suggestions?
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