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Hey guys, I'm new to this place I just wanted to see if anyone has had the same problem with their Cougars. I live in Toronto and my Cougar's trunk is rusting a little. The shock absorber towers are totally rusted and cracked. I just wanted to see if you guys could suggest anything to fix this problem. I had a VERY slow leak in the trunk and i think I have spotted it. On both sides of the trunk corners underneath the weather stripping nearest the rear glass, there is a tack weld that water can slowly seep through. I bought some putty and i was just going to seal it up like that. I just made a photo bucket account to share the pictures with you guys. Their high resolution photos so everyone can see whats going on. I don't know if photo bucket automatically down samples pictures or not but i hope their clear enough.

I sprayed rust inhibitor on it for the time being, but i gutted everything out to see what im dealing with here. Im assuming i can cut out the old part and somehow fabricate a new wheel well or something. It doesn't have to be exact or anything

I also put some pics up for fun of the cougar itself.

Please give me your input

The link to my album is and Suspension/

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