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Having a problem with something and can't find info on it???

I have a huge collection of factory manuals that I would like to sell, including service manuals, EVTM's (electrical/vacume) , and the Powertrain Control Emissions Manual which covers all the computer codes and troubleshooting procedures for the year-all cars. I have manuals back into the 70's and as new as 2006. T-Birds, Mustangs, Town cars, Continental, Mark VII, VIII, LS, Aviator, Explorers, Blackwood, Navigator, you name it!

I also have the "spec books" which are small sized collections of stuff like torque specs for engines, trans, rearends... all in a nice small reference package. One manual covers all cars, one year only.

Prices vary by year and size and by quantity! Shipping is usually either $9 or $4.60 for USPS Priority service, unless you are looking at a two manual binder set, which will go FedEx Gnd for around $19 or so. (ie 97 Mark VIII shop set is two loose ring binders and weighs 19 lbs packed!)

Drop me an email with what you are looking for and I will let you know!

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