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OK, this is a very strange one....that sort of snuck up on us.....

Car is in drive, straight line acceleration, no problem.

At idle, if you turn the wheel a tad right or left and then go to take off, we get some crazy shaking in the chassis, yet increasing the RPM's tends to smooth it out. Doesn't seem to do it in neutral.......for some stupid reason......

My thinking is that is it something in the power steering, as if it was trans related, then it would do it all of the time and not at partial steering.....since the two systems are not related....or they don't share bodily fluids anyway...!

Anyone seen this with a R+P power steering?? and the Fix was??

I did a search and most results were either for trans or for steering during braking, ie loose wheel bearings etc. This just happens at slooow speed just turning, like out of a parking spot. Most annoying!

Car runs smooth as can be once you're away from the curb......

96 XR7 4.6L with 140K or so on it.

Thanks for the time!
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