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I have a Singer 211 commercial sewing machine.
I need to go over to my old shop and retrieve the exact model number.
It is a walking foot upholstery machine rated for materials up to tack leather.
My issue with it is that it does NOT have a reverse lever and I NEED reverse as I always backstitch to lock in my seams.
I would like to trade for a 211 or Consew with a reverse function, and I do not need so heavy-duty of a machine. Tha one I learned on was a 211G465 I think. It would sew upholstery materials up to standard upholstery leather but not up to tack-grade leather.

My machine was serviced last year by a qualified technician and several parts were replaced to return it to excellent running condition, but I just couldn't get used to not having a reverse.

Any takers?
Rev. Toid
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