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Pretty exciting stuff for myself.

My girlfriend got me some tickets to see Guster and Barenaked Ladies earlier this week.

She likes BNL, i like Guster.

Guster played their usual excellent show. It was not their crowd at all, 40 year old yuppies wearing Brian Wilson shirts.

Anyways after Guster played their set myself and my buddy ended up meeting the guys, and talking to them for a couple minutes.

The drummer who plays bongos with his hands had his hands in an ice bucket after the show, he still smiled and shook my hand.

Awesome guys, they ended up signing their new cd for me, and they signed my buddys arbys coupon book.

Mine's deffinitely getting framed and put in my office.

I like bands where the members are just regular dudes, not dickhead megastars that are too cool to talk to anyone.

We returned to our seats to see BNL's show, i said to my girlfriend "I met Ryan Miller, and the guys". She got all excited thinking I met the buffalo goaltender. Oh well.

Furthermore, BNL played a terrible show. It wasn't even entertaining. It was more schtick than anything else. That and them playing 3 chord holiday songs. The yuppies loved it, but we ended up leaving early it was so boring.
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