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StupidFly said:
SNAP!! First post :D
I could hear the echo in here.


I didn't respond to the thread that MadGoat started awhile ago about a meet since I was actually busy then. If someone tries to organize something now, I'm available pretty much at any time until I return to the land of the employed. But weekends will probably always be good. I'll have to dig up a little extra cash for a drive down to Tuscon, but it's not a big problem.

I feel kind of ashamed of my bird now after finding this site months ago. Reading about and seeing pictures of MagerTom's and lobo's beautiful (and fast) birds makes me just want to hide mine in the garage. :zwall: :D I have some clear coat melanoma that won't get fixed up until I solve my job problemo.

Racing (which MG mentioned in the other thread also) I'm not too sure about, although I would like to go the track at least once to see how slow my sixer is. :D

I'd definitely like to meet other AZ members and see your cars in person, so include me in any plans (unless of course anything actually important comes up :leftright ).

If anyone noticed I'm usually signed in here most of the day. I have no life right now. Honestly, put me out of my misery. :D PLEASE! :D

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heh, I know what ya mean. Lobo and Gordon have beautiful cars. Well, from the pictures I've seen anyway. Dont worry, mine isnt that nice either :), and I know madgoat has some melanoma as well.

I wasnt thinking about anything big, not a track day or anything. Just want to sit around and BS, get some wings or something. Classes start later this month for me, but I'd like to at least get some more folks together one of these days.
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