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I have an explorer aluminum block with less than 6K on it. The pistons are not in it (as I bought it as a basket case) but I have them too. I also have a set of flat tops out of a B-headed car. $400 and shipping.

I also picked up a set of CNC ported heads from OxmanWI last year for the first part of this project. I can get the numbers and some pix as well for the flow numbers to an e-mail. They require larger valves (not included) and I will let them go for $400 and shipping.

1 set of Crower cams for PI heads. PN 62811-2 $400+ shipping.

1 set of B-heads loaded with Mark VIII cams, cam covers, front cover, chains and other stuff $300+ shipping.

1 Marauder torque converter. Purchased it with less than 500mi on it, it was a take out. $200+ shipping.

If someone wanted to get the basic long block (some parts missing like the oil cover at the rear and an intake) I will make you a deal. Price dependes on 2v or 4. Located north of KCMO.

I lost the trans in my DD, oil pressure in my 4X4, and wife is due for a new car. Dont want to sell, but may also be selling one of the cars too...

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