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They're not very good (it was pretty hot) compared my best times when it was cool and I'm still running street tires.
They only thing I gained was my best R/T. I just worked on, or TRIED TO, my R/T and 60' times. Just so-so.
I keep an Excel file with my times, with nightly averages, highlighting bests and redlights, etc. Here's tonight's numbers...

Got beat by a Camaro SS that ran mid-12's, but mostly whooped a Neon SRT-4. Heh...I talked to the guy before we took off first of the night...he was told that his car was a mid-13 second car...It was his first time at the track...and it was a 5-speed. LOL! Mid 15's! I also beat a Fox Stang that had Hoosiers slicks on. I thought that since he had the slicks, he'd be pretty fast...NOT! One other interesting thing was that there was a Harley Davidson F-150 Super Crew that sounded blown. He only ran low 15's. Otherwise, it was a slow night, which is good for getting practice.
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