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I have some leftover parts from some work I did on the cars a while back, I wanted to post them up here and let people rummage before everything goes to the dumpster.

First is the electronics for the factory JBL system from a 1990. Towards the end of the cars life it would work fine with accessory power, but not with the engine running. Should be just a ground problem in the vehicle power supply since the audio system only gets power from one place, but I never tracked it down. That said, $50 for everything.

Also I have a Pro-M 75mm MAF. $50.

Everything else, just make an offer. I have a 90 SC throttle body, injectors, intercooler, intercooler pipes, ported upper (needs welded back together) and lower intake and ported 1995 exhaust manifolds.

I also have a full seat set from a 1995 LX. Cloth, in pretty good condition, but there are a few spots. I prefer a local pick up since they will be a royal pain to ship. I had to take the tracks and seatbelts off the fronts, but you can reuse your old ones.

And lastly a sunroof motor and relay from the 1990. $50 since they worked fine when I took them out.

I'll leave everything up here for a few weeks until I clean out the basement. The best way to reach me is by email at [email protected].

P.S. I couldn't upload the photos, so check my thread over at for the pics.
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