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Alright I need some cash, I have a few things I want to get rid of.

(2) dual 12" slotted boxes brand new- can get specs if interested- $80 each

(1) triple 10" sealed box- New- can get specs if interested $65

(1) single slotted solobarac L7 box- used custom built R.A.R.E box, built specifically for the L7 specs. VERY loud

(1) used (like new condition) Power Acoustic 1000 watt quick silver amp with fan and dual power meters. It's not top of the line audio stuff but it sounds good and can really slam some subs with pretty clean power. It's a two channel bridgeable, 2 ohm stable amp $100

(1) used (like new condition) Power Acoustic 1800 watt e-pulse amp (I think that was the series) It's 2 ohm stable, 2 channel. It's a big mother amp, it may be over rated (sure it is) but it's damn powerful. It has strobe lights on the top too. $160

I also have a brand new 4ga wiring kit with speaker wire and RCA's, looking to get like $25

I also have a cheap brand new American Pro amp, 800 watt 4 ch, 2 ohm stable. It's pretty good for interiors or interiors and a small sub. Has and low pass crossover, and a few other goodies like 3 channel mode. Nothing crazy or special but will work fine. Looking to get about $65

This is all stuff that's accumulated while I did a lot of car audio installations in high school. Let me know if you are interested in anything. I'm located in Westport ma and work in Framingham. Let me know.,
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