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I know alittle bit about the swap. Actually the only parts that I am going to use from the Mark VIII are the lower controling arms and diff as I have been told that the rest is the same.

I know that the Marks had open diffs so an Arburn Gear will be going in along with 3.27s and a full rebuild.

I think I will replace all the bushings at once. Its probably the best way to do it. Are there any special tools needed to do this?

How hard is it to do the swap?

Now about the SC springs being to small to fit the perches. I know there was a group buy over at the tccoa but dont know if I can still get in on it. Is there any other solution to this besides running air bags in the back?

So I think I have covered all the bases. Is there any thing that I am missing here or should look out for?

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