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I hate to ask a spacer/adapter question, but here goes: :leftright

I have two pairs of ROH 17 x 8.5’s that I’m getting ready to install at the end of this month. But I have a “problem”: One pair has 5.740” backspacing so they are ok (I think), but the other pair has 6.290” backspacing which I think is too much. (I’ll be running 245/50-17’s on all four corners.)

My question to everyone:

Do I order a pair of 0.84” adapters (based on SC Performance 17 x 9 Cobra “R” rims with 5.950 backspacing? (I want the adapter to be as thick as possible for strength purposes.) The .84” adapter will put the outside of my 17 x 8.5 at the same outside location as the SC Performance 17 x 9.)


Do I order a 0.55” spacer and space the rim out instead of the adapter?


Do I order a 0.55” adapter?

Keep in mind this is temporary to make sure everything works and fits as it should. Once I know everything is ok, I’ll have the backspacing on the two rims corrected via welding to match the others.

Any suggestions/thoughts would be appreciated. :thumbsup:
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