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OK guys I have some info that I would like to confirm with anyone that might have bought anything from Monster Transmission
Recently I bought a heavy duty torque converter from this company. After the fact I find a place online
There are so many bad reviews here I am really afraid to install this unit in my car. Wondering if anyone here has ever bought anything from these people and what your experience was?

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So, if you're not happy with it and you don't want it, then figure out a way to send it back. What's their return policy? You did check before you ordered didn't you?

Here's a link to it:

It's odd that you're asking about this AFTER buying. The time to do this kind of due diligence is BEFORE ordering.

You ask if anyone has experience with these guys? Check these reviews out ...

In addition to the complaints you found at Pissed consumer they also have a big old fat F with the West Florida BBB.

On the bright side they've got a 45% approval rate. So, you've basically got a 50/50 chance of getting a usable converter ... Got to love those odds.

Yelp! also says they suck:

and ...

There's also a horror story at Ripoff Report - granted this one's from 2011 the pattern none the less is the same as complaints found elsewhere: Ripoff Report | monster transmission Complaint Review Brooksville, Florida: 767345

I hope this helps answer your question. We're here to help.

Anyway, their TC's have a 90 day warranty (from date of delivery) and there's a 25% restocking fee plus your on the hook for return shipping. Hopefully you can get some money back and get a converter from a more reputable source. Cut your losses and run! Keep track of every correspondence and be prepared to take them to court if you have to. Based on the few reviews that I've read that's a real possibility.
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