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Spoilers and Euro Tailights

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Okay I was wondering what spoilers from different cars would look good on the T-Birds. I know Thunderbird spoilers look good but kinda plain. On the TCCOA LInks page there is a Cougar or BIrd with a tall Spoiler like a Ferrarri F40, except more round or the edges. Does anyone have a side pic of that car or one like it. Also I heard SHO spoilers fit and look cool. PICS PLEASE!

As far as Euro Tailights Someone told me they make Euro Tailights I dont think so. Anyone know for a fact?

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SHO spoliers are VERY plain and easy to mistake for a part of the sheet metal unless you are pretty close. They were only on for 92-95.

I think you could make one fit fairly easy, but I doubt it would fit directly.
heres alex's SHO spoiler on his 91 LX(yes 91), came out pretty good

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True a little understated but the SHO is something different then the standard t-bird spoiler. 91 huh damn talk about alot of work!

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THERE's what I was looking for, I've been looking for a picture of a 92-95 SHO spoiler on a T-bird, Looks good to me........ Now to tell the guy I'll take it :) My kinda spoiler, just noticable with no air gap under it and a 3rd brake light
yeah i second that

thats my favorite looking spoiler on out cars... but im all about that smooth *** look... its just extra weight....
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