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What's the difference between the following springs ?

1) FOSC-5310-JA
2) E9SC-5310-JA

both are front spings, and "sport" ones(I think)

Also, does anybody know the corresponding Motorcraft part no's for the above two?

Thanks in advance.

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You may want to consider dropping a line to a Ford Dealership parts counter about this.

Other than the same part number made in different years, I'm not certain there's any other difference.

My understanding of the Ford "Parts Numbering Formula":

e.g.: F0SC-5310-JA

where F = decade, 0 = year within decade, S = product line, C = Product Engineering Office; thus F is 1990s, 0 indicates 1990

e.g.: E9SC-5310-JA

E = 1980s, 9 indicates 1989
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