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hey guys, im experiencing a problem with steering

basicly when i turn weel left or right the weels squick like some rusty bucket... people have told me its power steering pump, so iwas about ti replace it but after about 2 days the squicks have stopped ( still a little, but nothing comparing to what it used to be )

any idea what can bd the problem?

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i think you meant to post in the Suspension section...but to help you out.

if your car has more than 100K miles, (whatever that is in km) have your front end checked out, i have now been through 2 t-birds and had to replace lower ball joints because of a hideous noise that almost sounds like an old door creeking when i turn and also over some bumps at slow speeds.

my 96 v-8 had them replaced at 113,000
and 90 v-6 had them replaced at 115,000

i have no idea what the conversion would be to km but shouldnt it be somewhere around 150,000 KM???

both cars had no play in the lower ball joints, they were just worn out, and in the case of my 96, one actually broke 5 minutes aftersomeone telling me the ball joints were ok, so have these checked out:

Ball joints (upper and lower)
Tie rods (inner and outer)
I guess powersteering pump since u had that said above
and most of your front end bushings

hopefully this helps!

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