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Starting a Club for CT SuperCoupe owners


Hey everyone, just wanted to share some info, i'm going creating a Super Coupe Club for the CT area members with a couple other people, I have a few people interested (check out the link to the post for more info, below) so we can get more active on a local level and bring more people to + If anyone is from CT and is interested and/or has friends and/or family that might be interested please pass a link to this page along to them.

** Things to look forward to,

1. Local Meetings
2. Our own decals
3. Our own t-shirts
4. Club Events
5. Cook outs
6. Club Car Shows
7. Club Cruises
8. Club ID cards
8. Club Raffles
9. Getting local sponsors
10. Our Own P.O Box
11. Our Own Business Cards
12. Our Own Pens

More to come !!! This will not be a boring Club !!
Who wouldnt want to be with more people locally that love SC's !!!

E-mail me for any inquires.

Alex LaChance
[email protected]
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