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my buddy and I fought this on our mn12 cars for quite some time. After alot of trouble shooting, I discovered MY pull to the right was actually from a bad right side upper and lower ball joint on the car, allowing the suspension to move when the brakes were applied. After the ball joints were fixed, it tracked arrow straight under braking.

We are still chasing just a tad bit of his issue down. We found some worn caliper pins and bushings on the left side front of his car, which attributed to part of it. The second thing is that his rear brakes were WAAY out of adjustment, allowing the right rear to bite first and pitch the car.

in short, several issues can be at hand here. The best method to track it down is to buy a brake caliper pressure guage, and test all 4 brakes to make sure that at least the hydraulic system isnt at fault. If they are pretty well even from side to side that eliminates the master cylinder, proportioning valve, and brake lines from the equation. Then you know the problem is either in the suspension or it is a mechanical issue with the brakes, such as a sticking caliper, rear brakes out of adjustment, caliper pin slop, etc. etc.

good luck!
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