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Can you make up a list of what is usable on that car and then post that up here so you don't get swamped with a bunch of questions like my last one for stuff that is already gone.

V6 Bird
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Parts still available for purchase on my tbird.

Rear Deck speaker covers
Door panels
drivers side and passengers side and back seat
dome light fixture and cover
MFS switch (brand new)
Headlight switch (brand new)
K&N oil filter (brand new) for v6 model
air box
3.8 V6 engine
4r70w (weak version) transmission
interior Gray Carpet
side mirrors
rear view mirror
trunk lid
gas cap
passenger side head light.
front bumper cover with a little damage
front grille and Thunderbird emblem with blue feet
front passenger fender
glover box door, will need a new latch
center mounted brake light
exterior door handles
visors (sunblockers)
weather stripping (all)
spare tire jack
rear bumper cover (good shape)
most underhood parts
Gauge cluster
stock head unit
plastic surround around the radio and havac controls

let me no anything else that you might want just pm me and ask me i will let you no. the rear taillights and brake lights are gone. pm me for any questions
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