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Well I had posted here recently about my 93 LX being broken into, that post has been moved to videos/images. In that post I have the completed repair pics. But I now have a question I am currently stuck with my stock cassette deck and since I really don't have the money to buy any of the decks I want I have decided to look for a stock CD player. Problem is I am not sure where to find them. All I am finding is the slave CD players and I am not interested in the process of hooking one of those up. I have found various decks on ebay for 94 Explorers and such that are an actual unit and not a slave. But for the price I find them I would be better off buying a cheapo cd player which I am not wanting to do. Does anyone perhaps have a working unit or know where I can get one? I know the wiring harness is the same for them so it should be an easy swap. Thanks
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