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First off, the car is an 88 Thunderbird 5.0. Anyways I was looking at the steering column and I noticed at the bottom of the steering column there is a white crescent shaped sensor, where the column shifter little notch hooks into the back of it, now by googling the part number it says it is a parking brake vacuum release switch, but ive see like the same part also called the neutral safety switch, which confuses me lol, anyways on this part there are two outlets, one has a black hose that goes out to the brake booster im assuming, the other hose is a small white hose that says VAC on it. That hose is broken off, but I cant seem to be able to find where it is supposed to go, and ive had no luck finding diagrams online. There are pictures below in case im bad at describing things lol


The black hose is connected to B, the little white hose is connected to S, but I dont know where it leads to.

The Switch, or what ever it is, is right there on the steering column and the Column shifter has a little arm that goes into the back of it that moves it when you shift.
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