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Seriously, I'm glad he runs a business that caters to these cars, and would gladly support him by buying from him when necessary but not when I'm clearly getting gouged. Rob used to sell repackaged energy suspension parts on his website like the poly ball joint boots but he didn't charge damn near 4x the MSRP for them!
This. Right. Here.

When I was looking for a rebuild kit for the rear diff, he was one of the options I considered. I called him, talked to him for about 30min, and told him exactly what I was doing. During that conversation, he asked me to email him links of packages I was considering from the likes of Summit, JEGS, and Amazon. I remember during that conversation he made a comment along the lines of, "Wow, you've been doing your homework on this!" I'm not sure what his mindset was about me when he made that comment, but whatever.

Anyway, he ended up selling me Yukon clutches and USA Standard Gear rebuild kit, but I'm unsure of which models of each specifically because, like you said here Matt, he went out of his way to make sure we didn't know what model unit he used. The area where the sticker indicating the model of the Yukon clutches and USA Standard Gear was placed were both removed. Ultimately it didn't matter because the rebuild kit had Timken bearings and that was what I was looking for specifically. He also had beat the next lowest reseller by about $15 or so. For the record, I firmly believe that it's the USA Standard Gear ZK F8.8 kit that he sold me based on all the information I found that believe to be correct.

Anyway, I do applaud the guy for supporting us where possible. Like, for example, he's been able to make crank position sensors manufactured again for the SC guys. Sure, they're not cheap, but they're available again!

Yep, seems like he goes out of his way to avoid doing that, so people don't have the chance to do their research and gravitate towards his stuff.

One thing I found out years ago - if anyone wants any of "his" upholstery kit sets, just go to these guys. They're who he uses: Auto Custom Leathers, Inc. - Home
This is good information to know! Added to my list! :D
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