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Hi guys,

A friend of mine does have a Subaru SVX.
This type was sold overhere in the years 92-97 and about 24 total.
He's looking for links concerning accesoires, tuning, parts and manuals and brochures.
As we know the SVX was originally build for the US market and we think it will be more easier to get info and thinks like above from the US than in Europe.



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I almost bought an SVX instead of my bird. they are very nice, but they are more expensive, slightly slower than a v8 bird, and weigh just as much if not more.

Subaru has zip for aftermarket, with the slight exception of the WRX. The reasons:

Their engines are already highly tuned, not much left to get with aftermarket.

Their AWD systems aren't made for more torque than they came with. My dad installed a 2.5L inplace of his 2.2L and he blew the AWD system to sheds, just with normal "grandpa" driving.

Although the SVX might be better at handling torque because of it's extra feature (on hard acceleration it transfers most of the power to the rear wheels, unlike any other model).

Best advice for SVX: rebuild the engine with 8.5:1 compression, and put some forced induction on it. then be ready for the AWD system to go BOOM!

Best advice: Use SVX as daily driver, buy a stang.

P.S. The SVX is quite rare, I think less than 15,000 were made TOTAL.
check THIS out.
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