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does anyone have experience storing the thunderbird lx as a summer car? I'm searching for a rust free car to ship up to Minnesota and need some guidance on winter storage since I've never done it.

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If the car is not going to be at a storage facility with electricity you should remove the battery, and keep it on a "smart" battery charger..

I use the CTEK Multi US 7002

If you're able to store the car somewhere that has electricity readily available..You can just leave the battery in the car, and keep the charger on it..

It would probably be a good idea to stuff a couple rags in the tailpipes to keep the critters out..

I've heard of people placing bars of soap on paper plates in the interior to keep it smelling fresh during hibernation..

Try to stay away from Moth Balls..You'll never get that smell out.. :rolleyes:

I don't have that problem of my interior smelling bad after Winter storage...So I don't put anything in it but a couple squirts of air freshener..

Most importantly..

Don't park the car with an empty tank of gas...Make sure you have at least half a tank of gas with STA-BIL in it..

Here's how I add the STA-BIL:

Park the car with a full tank of gas..
Add the STA-BIL to the gas tank (car off)..
Then start the car, and let it run for about 5 minutes to get the STA-BIL circulated..
Turn the car off..

As long as you have STA-BIL in the gas tank..There's no need to start the car all the time..

I'm sure others here have some helpful tips for you..That should get you started though.. ;)

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