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Ok, I've searched & found a few threads both here & on SCCoA. But I couldn't find any that address my particular problem. My sunroof (moonroof) motor keeps running & chattering instead of stopping when I pop the glass up into the vent position. I picked up another motor at the local junkyard & did the resynchronization procedure, but the symptoms are the same. When I open the window back into the roof, the glass stops "electrically" via the cam/microswitch on the motor as designed. And then the motor stops "mechanically" when the glass is fully opened & cannot travel further. But it keeps running & gets out of synch when I open it to the vent position. I think it's supposed to "mechanically" stop when it can't open any further. Looking at the pics in my service manual, I'm thinking the problem is in whatever mechanism the motor operates. Anyone else had this issue?
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