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In general,

Supercharger runs off of the crank to drive it (pully/belt).
Turbo is run off of your engines exhaust (headers welded) to come together at the exhaust side of the turbo...which spins like
a windmill and is connected to an impeller (similar to vortec) on the
intake side that sucks and forces more air into the intake tract.

Also similar to the Vortec, they both run off of your engine oil
conversely. A roots blower has it's own oil, which has 100,000
mile service interval (prudent to change fluid more frequent though).
Most (intelligent) people with a Vortec or especially turbo's
use synthetic oil and change it @ 2500 miles or earlier. Also turbo
timers are used to idle turbo's and cool them down after the
vehicle has been shut down (prevents cooking oil in the turbos)

Turbo's can do almost everything. It depends on the impeller blade/turbo housing engine size etc. Saab and Audi use turbo's that
have full torque off idle, by using a perfectly matched turbo size to
prevent lag. They also achieve better gas mileage/emissions
when using forced (turbo) induction.

It's hard to find the perfect compromize between Highend and lowend
power, that's why some use twin turbos (supra etc.) The more peak high rpm power that is achieved, the less low rpm power....and
responsiveness the engine will have.

Some say that the pulley driven blowers rob power that isn't robbed when using turbo's (-crank drag=65-75 hp) Also, turbo cars are very quiet, since all of the exhaust goes through the turbos. You can virtually run no cat-back exhaust with no problems (I've heard of people gaining 80 hp by removing their mufflers on a Twin turbo v8 set-up)

On your T'bird, the AED kit (although requiring $500 worth of modifications to bring it up to 96/7 model spec) is the
best way to go. ( roots blower/integral intercooler/tuned runner intake kit); especially for Street driving.

Root's blowers can make really good torque down low (just above Idle), and with the right intake/heads power all the way past
redline as well.

Centrifugal (vortec) make good power past 3-4k RPM depending on pulley size, and have virtually sky-high boost limit's.

For other applications Turbo's are the most expensive, and best
modification that could be done, although tricky and dangerous to
tune correctly....again more $$$$

Centrifugal (Vortech) are good for track use, and are much simpler to install and tune than any others, and also have alot of growth room.

If you are considering a certain powerlevel/speed goal, look at the big picture, and assess all expenses, in relation to alternatives
and ultimate goals; before you get half-way into something and realize that maybe you should have started with a different car,
and saved your Bird for Touring duty.
Example: A supra will cost the same as your T'bird will after making it go 13.5 in the quarter, and the Supra' does that or better stock....IE. Much more potential with a Twin Turbo car....1500 dollars will get you 11 second time slips. And a Supra is an unique, and also very good for Auto-x-ing.

IE. If you want Turbo power and a T'bird, your going to have
to go back to a 5.0 , or a Turbo coupe(pre 89). If you only require
Ford-Turbo power, buy a GT or Cobra, in about a year Turbo kit's will be well out into the markets for 4.6 2v and 4v Stang applications (from incon) Using completely different Front suspensions.($5k+)
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