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I've got an SVO supercharger up for sale. It is a bolt-on blower for any 2-valve motor, PI or NPI.

Short Version

Ported SVO supercharger kit for sale. Includes 39 pound Cobra injectors, 90 mm Lightning MAF, SVT Focus fuel pump, 75 mm throttle body, JLT RAI and filter, 2.9, 3.1, 3.3 pulleys (~8, ~10, ~12 psi boost). The kit is is 98% complete with everything you need other than some simple vacuum / heater / PCV / fuel hoses that can be picked up at the auto parts store, and the gaskets that you'd need anyway.

See pictures below.

Asking $2400 + shipping. Budget on at least $100 if it needs to be shipped. Located in the NC Triangle, but I'd have no problem driving a ways to meet someone to help save them the shipping.

These are awesome little blowers that'll run 11s pretty easily with a simple water/meth kit. And it's very rare to come across one that has all the brackets and adapters that you need to install it.

If interested, replies in this thread are fine, but to make sure I see it, please SEND ME A PM!

Long Version

These blowers are also called FRPP and Roush superchargers. They're all identical, but this one happens to have the "SVO" casting. Anyways, in case you're not familiar with them, they use the same M112 Eaton supercharger that comes on the Cobras and Lightnings, except it's all cast together into an integrated manifold meant for PI or NPI 2-valve heads. This is awesome because it's extremely easy to install and fits under the stock hood. It's not so good because it doesn't include an intercooler, and there's no way to install one. BUT, that's nothing that a little water/meth doesn't cure.

So I've had this on my car for the better part of the last decade, coming from an almost stock NPI motor to a fully built, ported heads, blower cams, water/meth injected PI setup. I've also had the blower ported by Jeremiah Hussey in NC, who is a well-known builder who has ported M112s for years. Throughout that process, I've put more than 700 passes at the track with this blower, so I have a general idea how it performs. Here's how it ran in the various configurations on my car:

-NPI heads, PI cams, NO water/meth, bolt-ons = high 12s at 106-108 mph
-PI heads, mild blower cams, NO water/meth, bolt-ons = mid-12s at 108-110 mph
-PI heads, mild blower cams, water/meth = high 11s at 116-118
-Ported PI heads, mild blower cams, water/meth, ported blower = mid 11s at 118-119 (also added a 3600 Circle D converter at this time, which accounted for most of the ET gain here)

The biggest gain is, by far, the water/meth. I've got many documented time slips of back-to-back runs on the same day with and without water/meth, and I've picked up a consistent 7-8 mph in the 1/4 with water/meth. That's 70-80 rwhp gained from water/meth. It really is pretty much mandatory if you want to this blower to run like it should.

Porting the blower and the heads picked up a noticeable amount of torque in the low and mid range, but those gains did not show up top or at the track. I think this is because the blower just isn't able to move any more air through the restrictive manifold. Others have put this blower on TFS heads and big cams, and the gains were very small over stock PI heads and mild blower cams. So don't buy this blower and expect to go much faster than mid-11s at about 120 mph, because it isn't going to happen in a 3600 pound car.

BUT, if you're ok with a mid-high 11 second car (which is still pretty darn fast), this blower is loads of fun. It makes awesome torque from idle all the way up to 6500 rpm. It's an absolute blast to drive on the street.

So, here is EXACTLY what's included with this kit:

-Ported SVO blower with IAT relocation and rear coolant mod
-39 pound OEM Cobra injectors
-90 mm OEM Lightning MAF
-75 mm throttle body
-SVT Focus fuel pump
-JLT RAI and filter
-2.9", 3.1", 3.3" pulleys (~12, ~10, ~8 psi boost).
-2 111.5" Gates belts.
-Idler pulley and bracket
-DPFE bracket
-Throttle cable bracket
-Upper radiator hose
-180 degree thermostat
-Most of a vacuum harness
-Almost new front coupler (<1k miles)
-Fairly new bypass diaphragm (<3k miles)

Here's everything that would be needed to put it on MY car. Your's may vary slightly.

-PI intake gaskets
-TB gasket
-EGR Gasket
-New boot from JLT tube to TB (current one has holes in it from my water/meth nozzles)
-Fuel injection hose for front cross-over. Do NOT skimp and buy the generic fuel hose; it WILL crack on you over time. Buy the legitimate "fuel injection hose" by Gates.
-A few pieces of hose for the vacuum ports on the rear of the blower (to the HVAC controls and evap canister)
-Heater hose from rear nipple of blower to heater core
-Hose from intake to driver's side PCV
-Hose from intake to IAC
-A few feet of 18 gauge wire to extend your IAC sensor pigtail

Other than the intake gaskets (which you'll need anyway), all of that shouldn't cost more than $25 or so.

Ok, so here are some pictures.

Clear shot of the coolant mod in the rear, and the nipple that needs a hose to the heater core:

Decent shot of the vacuum harness. Goes from the port on the top of the blower over to the bypass diaphragm and EGR controls.

Ports opened up to match PI ports. These will still work with NPI heads, using the same procedure to put a PI intake on NPI heads.

Almost new bypass diaphragm from an 03 Cobra:

The EGR threads are stripped out, but I've got some 1/4-20 bolts and nuts run through the holes to hold it together. Ran it like this for as long as I've had the blower with no issues.

DPFE bracket. This is something homemade from many many years ago. Not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it has worked well for as long as I had the blower.

Relocated IAT sensor. It is MANDATORY to mount this downstream of the blower so that it accurately reads the discharge temps. You'll need to lengthen your pigtail to reach over this far.

Throttle cable bracket. Again, homemade and not the prettiest thing, but it works.

JLT ram air intake, 90 mm Lightning MAF, plastic shroud. Freshly cleaned and oiled filter. Notice the hole in the boot on the tube where I had my water/meth nozzles. You can get a new boot, use the holes for your own water/meth nozzles, or just put a piece of duct tape over them.

From left to right: 111.5" Gates belts, upper radiator hose (again, homemade but 100% functional), idler pulley & bracket / lower alternator mount, upper alternator mount, 9 bolts for mounting blower to heads (you'll need 11 total, just grab 2 more from the hardware store. I stole 2 for my Bullitt intake install, sorry), 3.1" pulley, 3.3" pulley (2.9" pulley installed on the blower), and SVT Focus fuel pump.

Do NOT run smaller than a 3.3" on stock bottom end! The 2.9" is for a built motor, and the 3.1" is for a built motor in the summer.

The 111.5" is the length that worked on my setup, can't guarantee it on yours.

Closeup of 39 pound Cobra injector. All of the injectors have good O-rings.

Before porting:

After porting:

Area behind throttle body opened up to match 75 mm (stock was way smaller):

And lastly, this isn't a great picture of it, but you may have to do a little clearancing on the front of your motor for the new belt path. On my 98, it meant shaving down the driver's side coil pack bracket just a touch. It's nothing hard to do, but needs to be done. I am unsure what may need to be tweaked on other year models or makes.

One more thing. I've done my own tuning on this blower for the last few years, and have a pretty good idea of how it needs to be, especially getting the tune set up correctly (and safely) for water/meth. If you would like, I'd gladly send my tune files to your tuner (or to you if you do your own) so that he has a decent starting point.

I think that wraps it all up. If you have any questions, please ask.

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Why are you selling it? Trading up to something else?

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Why are you selling it? Trading up to something else?
Yup, got a complete D1SC kit ready to go on. I figured that since the motor is built, the transmission is built, the rear end is built, may as well try and go a little faster than the mid 11s the SVO would run.

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Almost regretting my engine build knowing how stealthy and rare these things are...

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Damn, if I had the $2400, it would go perfectly on my 98 GT.

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