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LED Strips

I have Thousands of Light Eminating Diodes.
They come individually, or pre-wired.
The Pre-wired strips come with 12 LED's, Resistor, and are 8" long with a black casing.
LED's are made by a division of Hewlett Packard called LumiLenz.
Visable up to 1 mile, and runs off Milivolts, so they will probably outlast your car. These are used on freight trucks, and I believe street lights and railroad crossing signals.
You would still have to open your tail light, and install the LED strip.
These strips are extremely bright even off a 9V battery.
I dont know how long the factory strips are, but I do believe they are made by HP as well. You may need to double up if the factory LED strip is longer than 8".
I have a very limited supply of the pre-wired strips, but tons of the individual lights.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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