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Addco Big Bar Kit

I put the Addco 1 3/8" F/R sway bar kit on my '89 XR-7. The Kit comes with EVERYTHING you need. It also comes with all poly bushings, end links & center mounts. I put the rear bar on in about 20 min. I had the front bar put on by my SC mechanic.

I am looking at Energy Suspension (p/n: 9.5168 RC) 1 3/8" center mounts. They have a grease zerk in them. They also have grease channels in the Poly, to keep the bar lubed all the time. The Addco bushings don't have grease zerks, or grease channels. If you don't keep the poly pushings greased, they creak & groan over every bump!

The 1 3/8" bars are stiffer than OEM, but I don't think the ride is harsh at all. The car handles like it's on rails! Lowered cars would handle even better.

The big bars also help to control Vertical wheel hop, however most of our IRS wheelhop appears to be fore & aft. Big bars can't do anything to help fore-aft wheelhop.

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