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Conversion: FootBrake to HandBrake

You need the handle, a new cable and a new top console from a 91 SC with an automatic.

1. Take all slack out of the e brake system by loosening the rear adjuster.(between the exhaust pipes.)Then remove the foot brake and cable. The cable runs along the lower drivers side frame rail.

2. Remove the center console.

3. Remove the rear seat-top and bottom.

4. Bolt in the emergency brake handle and connect the cable to it. ( The cable must run under the carpet to where the rear seat was.)

5. Drill a hole in the rear unibody. Drill the hole in the center just below where the rear armrest is.

6. Run the cable through the hole and connect it to the rear e-brake cable(where the old foot brake cable connected.)

7. Replace center console and put new SC top trim piece on where the old LX piece was.

8. Adjust e-brake cable till handle pulls about 5 clicks.

9. Take it for a drive and try it out.

You e-brake job may be slightly different but it should be mostly the same. It takes about 4-5 hours
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