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I dont know if anybody knew, but i sold my Thunderbird a few weeks ago. I loved the thing to death but unfortunatly it became unpractical for what i really like to do and it was costing me alot of money. I live at the beach so only having a 2wd car has left me behind my freinds on more then a few occasions so i decided it was time to step up to a 4x4. So last week i purchased a '97 Grand Cherokee Limited.

I never planned on selling the bird but sometimes you just have to do things your not expecting. I Love driving the jeep though and am really enjoying the investment.

I just wanted to thank everybody for all the help theyve given me and all the questions you've answered over the year i owned my car, i really did learn alot and saved alot of money by coming here. And i just wanted to thank all the people i've done business with over that time as well.

Im gonna hang around the forums though, i defintely like it here and chatting with everyone, and dont worry- i will own another mn12 sometime down the road. :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts