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As I'm sure is true for most people, I've got a list of things that I want/need to do to my car that seems to get longer as soon as I cross something off. Be it routine maintenance, repairing issues brought on with age or cosmetic appeal, this list never seems to go away.

I'm just kind of curious to know what you all have on your lists of things that need to be done when time, money and circumstances permit.

Here's mine, in no particular order...

  • Replace three wheel bearings (both rear, one front)
  • New tune from Don
  • Swap out trans coolers
  • Replace or repair the EGR tube
  • Check suspension for the cause of some squeaks
  • Check and address a sail panel squeak
  • Check and address a head unit rattle
  • Check and address the EVO module rattle
  • Replace all rear suspension bushings
  • Disassemble, wire-wheel away rust, and re POR-15 the undercarriage and front/rear subframes
  • Finish re-dying the steering wheel
  • Reupholster the fold down seat to match the rest of the interior
  • Give it its first wax job since the new paint job

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• Paint - only the bumpers have scratches but I want it all to match
• Fix power antenna - been broken since 2005, I manually pull it up when I want radio
• Wire wheel/POR 15 IRS cradle
• Get my shift points in the tune PERFECT and immediately swap to a manual trans :tongue:
• Find/fix noise from behind the rear seat
• Fix the squeak from top of the dash
• Weld the muffler to the front pipes and weld in ball & socket flanges behind the muffler (better yet get new exhaust piping)
• Replace converter seal and rear main seal (again do this right before a manual trans swap) :tongue:
• Get RLCA bushings so I can install my Mark VIII arms.
• Redo all brake lines and hoses
• Run parking brake cable for handbrake
• Locate squeak in passenger seat that only presents itself when passengers are sitting in it
• Relocate rear calipers and install the Cobra rotors I have.

God my car sucks, It didn't seem like I needed all this crap until I inventoried it lol

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Front shock mounts (making noise)
Front tires (have a slipped belt)
Front seats (drivers track is loose, everytime I go forward or back it moves about a quarter inch. Just enough to piss me off)
Put in my trans cooler
Gear drive
Install my heads and intake
Im positive theres alot Im forgetting. Eventually everything will be new or modified the way I want it, or I will stroke out and drop dead because she always needs more.

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I need to do the door hinges & strikers ..... badly.
Looks like I'll be swapping tranmissions in the near future.
And Daniela wants a paint job so badly, I'm never gonna hear the end of it until it gets one.

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  • Fix the interior
  • Replace the deteriorating Cobra wheels
  • Fix the rocker panels (for good)
  • Replace the header panel
  • Rebuild rear suspension
  • Fix the rattling cat (not the shield)
  • Fix the weather-worn quarter window trim
I've had this car for eight years and it's getting close to 120k. I still love driving it, but it's becoming more difficult to keep up with the deterioration.


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Man no kidding it keeps growing and growing.. Mine is kinda in order..

replace back two rotors
upper and lower ball joints
widening rear stock wheels (maybe hub swap with cobra's but I'm undecided)
install DD mark viii converter
replace rear transmission seal
3.73 gear with trac loc
93 mark viii driveshaft
finish the rest of my exhaust (mufflers and tips)
retune from Don
fix and replace antenna and mast
install new head unit
replace all A/C vents and the dash clock
replace the visors and inside roof material (whatever its called)
degrease and scrub the motor

And I'm afraid to look at anyone's list as that might add to my list... lol

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Oh yeh, Daniela has been after me to fix the odometer for like three years, too! lol

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1. Get my 1994 Super Coupe back from my cousins house, I havent driven it all year !!

.. I wont even list the other 3 Tbirds I own, the list would be VERY long. ;)

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  • Replace every front suspension component
  • wire wheel and por-15 undercarriage
  • headliner (I don't have one)
  • mark viii or SHO seats
  • Fix my alternator/charging problem
  • track-loc diff
  • J-mod
  • tires
  • PBR upgrade
  • Strip to metal and repaint.
Well it really sucks to look at this list.

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I will list just the stuff that NEEDS to be done... not the wants lol.

95 LX "Midnight"

Upgraded brakes (Mark VIII or slotted kit off ebay) not sure yet
Replace most of the front suspension (makes noise)
Tranny (either the unit out of my sport or a rebuild with a JMod)
Mark VIII converter + FP
PI swap (Valve seals are shot, and no amount of motor honey seems to slow it down lol)
Get ODO fixed

97 Sport "Raven"

Upgraded Brakes (probably kit off of Ebay)
Something is squeaking up front when I turn at slow speeds :zdunno:
Flush PS system (just feels tight at slow speeds)
Replace Fuel tank (someone ran over something and crushed it pretty good)
Repair Tranny Cross member (same reason as Fuel Tank)
Get the rest of the interior Black
New stereo system
PI swap, since I seem to have bad luck with Valve seals lol .... This one started smoking just like Midnight... right after I seafoamed her lol.

Then we can work on getting them both tuned etc. What a list, any Angel investors out there? :rofl:

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Let's see...
For the SC
-90mm LMAF
-3.5" intake
-Larger injectors
-Double intercooler
-Fix minor interior issues
-Replace diff bushings

For the MarkVIII
-Figure out why it dies as soon as I give it gas
-Get the tune dialed in perfect
-Hub-swap with 13" Cobra brakes and 17" wheels
-Replace or re-upholster driver's seat
-Replace carpet
-Have a few minor dings and scratches fixed

For the 91 Cougar
-Install heads/cam/intake onto Boss 427" bottom end.
-Install new engine
-Completely rebuild suspension and install the set of Koni shocks I have waiting for it.
-Replace seats and carpet

For the 70 Torino
-Repair rust in floors and lower quarters
-Install EFI 460 with a 5 or 6-speed trans
-Re-do interior

For the lemons cougar
-Go through the wiring to eliminate potential problems
-Install a dual fuel pump setup to try to eliminate fuel starvation on right-hand turns
-Replace brakes and tires
-Race it again in June and see what fails next.
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