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Have racked the search option but wanted to toss this out there as my time to tshoot has been cut short by long days at work and the g/f at home.

2-3 weeks ago I noticed my a high pitched wizzing sound coming from the driverside of the engine. Only in drive and above 2k rpms (vaccum around 10 whatever the measurements are). WOT has no power loss but I can still hear it. Open the hood and rev it and nothing. It seems like I can feel it in the gas pedal but that could be my mind going (if it hasn't already). Only hear it in drive. It's definitely not valve body buzz nor heatshields as I know those sounds all too well...

I did split loom the engine bay and add back in the hood liner (cut for the SC) and there is some slight rubbing on it but nothing shows signs of rubbing on the engine nor constant rubbing consistent with the sound.

I have lubed the normal suspects and the the sound hasn't changed. Cold or hot doesn't make a difference.

On another sound-Seems like the starter might not be disengaging. The joys of a 180k old part on a newer engine.

Not quite the best post but I'm fairly fragmented at the moment so any thoughts on the issue/questions would be appreciated.

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You may have answered your own question...

A dragging starter can make a whining noise, especially an old one that may not fully retract...and retracts differently everytime you start the car.

I will never again put an old part on a new rebuild...I always end up replacing them at the least convenient moment, in a freakin' parking lot.

I did a total rebuild on my firebird, starter died at the gas pumps, 20 miles from home, ended up changing it on the tire jack, with a crescent wrench. in the rain. Then a week later, ended up doing the water pump in the same parking lot. (At least I put my tools in the trunk that time...)

The alternator then a month or so later; took it out with a hacksaw, and beat it to death on the curb so bad they wouldn't let me turn it in for a core charge...I guess the look in my eye scared the guy, because they had the eighty year old manager come out to tell home with no alt.

I'd replace it; but if you must, remove and reinstall it and see if the noise changes.
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