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Ok, post what's original on your car, and your mileage!!!

97 T-bird 4.6L, 124,XXX... Original OEM Ford Park lights. They are still working.. =P

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um lets see , the shelll of the car, back window ,1/4 glass ,decklid, passneger door and fender, gas tank, rear lower /upper control arms , some of the back body harness and the rear cover , everything else has been changed or repaired

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At 90000 miles
Replaced with factory equivalent:
Turn signal housings
Oil pump
Water pump
Front shocks/springs
Brakes on all 4 corners
Coil pack/plus/wires
Battery (Actually, it's smaller in size, more CCA's)
Plastic Seat Trim
Some of the fuel lines

Upgraded from stock:
Bulbs (3457's where there were 3157's)
Factory airbox replaced with cone filter/heatshield
tinted tails

Not really upgraded, but not stock:
Grill (Have the unmolested original in my closet)

Just about everthing else is still as it left Lorain.

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136k miles

Most of the car is as it left Lorain, except: (ignoring frequent service parts and fluids)

Body/electrical: left front fender, front fascia, left turn signal housing, left mirror housing, headlamp support plastic structure (sideswipe by an idiot in an Impala); rear fascia, rear crush foam (rear-ended); headlight bulbs, left brake/marker bulb, CHMSL bulbs; fasteners for the under-nose plastic bits
Suspension/brakes: left inner tie rod, front rotors, front pads, right front hub/bearing assembly (brakes and hub were only replaced this summer; rear brakes are original)
Engine/transmission: transmission internals (twice); spark plugs (3x); plug wires (3x); coil pack RFI inhibitors; intake manifold (cracked); drive belt, tensioner assembly and fixed idler; MAF sensor

-replaced 15" 5/10 spoke wheels with 16" Mark VIII 5/10 spoke wheels of similar design
-removed venturi from air intake tube under airbox
-installed underside plastics with metal poprivets and bolts instead of plastic christmas trees and rivets
-transmission has an external cooler as of 129k

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303,190 miles (487,937.1km) on original engine.

Replaced/upgraded items are listed here, in post #5 -- it's easier to reference that than detailing what's original.

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Well mine is original, aside from maintenance items, except for

Headlight switch, ignition switch, and fuel line recalls
Engine rebuilt and painted ford engine blue
new water pump
new flywheel
I'm 90% sure the tranny was rebuilt
I know the car was completely nicely repainted (Pretty sure it was hail damage)
front glass, rear glass, and possibly sunroof glass are Ford replacements
new headliner
tachometer and fuel gauge replaced
new odometer gear
new heater core
Cougar BBS wheels (Still have stockers)
The door tag says Y under axle code but it has a trac lok so it may have been replaced
The entire exhaust from manifolds back is different
MSD Blaster TFI coil
EGR valve replaced
passenger side LED panel replaced
both headlight housings replaced
both hood struts replaced
Coverlay dash cap added
windows tinted
engine compartment light added
stock radio receiver replaced with JVC unit
The intake silencer is gone
airbox was replaced with cone filter
The entire thermactor system is gone
the rubber mat for the cubby hole is gone lol
all of the R12 is gone ;)

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Mine is original, except for...

The exhaust
A piece of the hood that I cut away when I modded the hood scoop
Lilttle pieces of plastic that where drilled out in the hood scooop grill mod
The fogli8ghts
The fogli8ght switch (OEM)
The 97 GT rear sway bar

that's about it....probably won't mod the stang too much more

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I've replaced:

Front rotors
front Calipers
All Brake Pads
intake plenum
Throttle body
Air intake
corner lights
sway bars
gauge faces
IRS pumpkin and bushings
accessory pulleys
left rear quarter glass
Headlight bulbs

I think everything else is all original. :D

The Band, not the Disease!
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Same, I still have the factory warranty papers too, even the firestone tires warranty =P I also have a Ford pen in there too, most likely it was from the dealer.

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Most of the exterior is original with the exception of the front bumper and hood. The interior is original except for the seats, door panels, and center console. I wouldn't call the drivetrain original since it's from a 90 SC.


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On the DOHC 90 XR7, 904 miles:

The shell, doors, fenders, trunklid, hood, front door glass, K-member, steering wheel, rear bumper and rear bumper cover are the only original parts on the car. Everything else, including all of the wiring, isn't original to the car.

On the Splitport 94 LX, 133,XXX miles:

Pretty much everything but the engine, engine harness, EEC, ignition system, transmission, radiator, driveshaft, diff, halfshafts, exhaust, seats, and stereo is still original.


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most of the wiring, and I'm sure some of the glass is original (my car was in a side swipe accedent before I bought it) And I've replaced all of the drive train except for the engine shortblock, 110k Under 9psi boost and still going strong, long live the 3.8L n/a

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Everything except for battery, filters, fluids, radio, and speakers. (still has the factory tires for 4 more months) 34,000 mi
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