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Thermostat housing bolts

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Ok, I just called about a set of thermostat housing bolts for a PI intake swap (going from plastic crossover NPI intake to aluminum crossover PI Intake). The bolts were quoted as 25.00 a PIECE. I said thanks but no thanks in the nicest way possible and hung up. (The parts guy said he really didn't blame me)

So tell me whats so special that they must use gold plated bolts for this thing?

Why do I need new bolts, and what is different about the various housings? Is there a difference between PI and NPI intakes or is it the plastic/aluminum difference. I've got an aluminum crossover in my LE. Will the bolts from it work?

I am NOT going to pay 50 bucks for a couple of bolts!
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Are you sure they looked up the right bolts ?
The Frequently asked for Parts in the Ford parts counter section of the Forum has them listed at $4 each .. call up Jason and he should be able to get you the right bolts.

Jason gave me the parts numbers that were looked up. I even called twice to make sure! The local parts guy said they cost them 14.00. I gave him Jasons price (without saying what other Ford dealer) and he said if it were him he'd go there and buy them. He's good natured about it, and almost apologetic.

I was hoping to get new bolts today, and not have to wait for shipping. If they are the same bolts that are sitting unused in my LE then I'll use those. has all sorts of metric bolts. You can even get the correct size (specify length, and thread) and they are even available in stainless steel. Check them out, I was going to use them for my NPI to PI conversion plates, so I needed a longer bolt. The plates never made it to production, but the website is still a good one to have in your hip pocket when you own a car with metric fasteners.

i used the stock ones and they work fine, as long as you already had the updated npi intake with the aluminum crossover. I havent had any problems in the area yet and it has been over 20k miles
well i had a npi intake but i have the bolts somewhere in the garage. the intake had the updated allum crossover so if you still need these just pay for shipping and they are yours *if i have time to find them lol*
Thanks Porkchop, but if I can use any aluminum crossover bolts I've got the ones from the LE that I can put in it. If I need any for the LE, I've got plenty of time to get a set.
sounds good

*dammit i want to get rid of my junk:tongue: *
mine had the plastic crossover and i reused the bolts
bolts are reuseable but I warn you they can break more easily than you would think, just look up the stock bolts at a ford dealership, thats what I did because I couldn't find a replacement when one of mine broke, it cost me like $2.40 each or something like that, and I had to buy 4.... whatever.... but yeah since I had extras I replaced them on my other car too, just buy regular new bolts, for any 4.6 engine.
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