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I don't have the time nor money to enjoy the car like I should, It has been in my storage unit for almost a year now.

I'm not really sure how much they go for, which will be the deciding factor on if I keep it or not. I'm aware they aren't worth much but maybe some of you can give me a better idea of what I can get for the car...

Not sure if all of this matters but..

Its a 97 LX 4.6L...
-57,314 miles
-clean title
-I am the 2nd owner
-always well maintained ex: oil changes every 3k miles, recent brake job, newer tires.
-Black exterior
-Tan leather
-brown dash
-black interior accents
-chrome 15in wheels
-only seen snow maybe 5 times
-always garage kept

I'm aware some people aren't into "modded" cars but figured it might help. I have all original parts!

-4.10 gear
-torsen t2 diff
-3.5in dynotech aluminum drive shaft
-accufab 70mm throttle body
-C&L plenum
-billet flow IRS brace
-PI cams

Extra items that may be included in sale of car:
-2 more sets of wheels
-pi heads
-03/04 cobra crank
-manley h beam rods
-4.6L block
-SCT xcal3 tuner
-built 4r70w
-2 pi intake manifolds
-NIB mishimoto trans cooler

needs a tune due to the 4.10 gear
pinion seal has a slight leak

(probably forgot a few things)


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Around $3K Seems to be the going rate for a '97. Yours may be worth a bit more based on the low mileage but probably not more than $4K

I'd recommend selling the extra items that you have for it seperately. You'll get more out of them vs bundling them with the car.

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I agree with Trunk Monkey. Sell the parts by themselves. You will get a bit more for them. You would be surprised how much pieces can fetch. When I sold my Sable, it was unreal how much extra money I got for the items. To the kid buying my Sable, he could care less.

Hopefully, it stays in the TCCoA family.

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I'd ad to trunk monkey's sentiment and say swap all the mods on the car for stock parts(which can be found super cheap, if not given away) and sell those seperately as well. 3K is about what you could expect to see for a stock car with that low of mileage and good overall condition and the aftermarket stuff isn't bumping it up any.
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