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My girlfriend's uncle has an 85 Ranger for sale for $600. It is an LXS if anyone knows what that means. It's a V6. A 2.8 is what KBB had it listed as. How are these older trucks? It seems pretty solid. The paint has seen better days but it does have 184,000 miles on it.

I started it up today. It's been sitting for a while. I put a new battery in it and put some gas in the carb and it fired right up. It sounded good. It smoked a little but I associate that with a 20 year old truck sitting for a while. Valve stem seals leaking a little bit.

Does anyone know any problem areas to look at on these trucks? I just need something that I can use to haul stuff on occasion. Like going to Lowes and having to ask my dad to bring his truck.

Also the oil pressure guage had quit working and it had a mech. guage hooked up. The pressure was running at about 49-50.

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