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This setup wont sound riced out will it?

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For x-mas, Santa brought me two of these

and one of these (I bought em for myself, and put From Santa on each one)

I'm gettin crap from my dad, and my buddies that i'm gonna end up sounding like the honda accord across the street with the big muffler. I figure it's gonna end up sounding somewhat to JL2K7388's setup, but his is 2.5" (but no high-flows) and mine's 2.25" with high-flows

I'm sure it's not going to end up like the car across the street, specially cause I'm doin it right the 1st time :D

What do you think?
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it will sound ricey with 5" tips not 2.25 cats and mufflers lol
i've got those cats on my 3.8. unfortunatly i've got glasspacks in the rear. let me know how that sounds when your done cause i was thinking about getting a mid-mount di/do magnaflow muffler, loosing the g-packs, and getting 3" magnaflow tips.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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