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I have the same code, for over half a year now...

I found this link: and also this link:

One is for 99model year and one if for 2000 MY. The depressing part is that they display completely different triggers for P1443, and I have a 97MY...

The things I checked so far is: vacuum circuit from throttle body to canister. It's part rubber, part iron, and a lot of connectors. All my connectors were bad, so I replaced those. With a vacuumpump I now can actually hold the vacuum in the line. Code stays, tho.

Also the solenoid holds vacuum with 0V applied. Haven't checked to see if it opens with 12V, that's next. But the two manuals above indicate both that P1443 has to do something with not being able to hold vacuum....

I'll know more after this weekend.

Search the forums for "P1443", there's another guy with our problem....


P.S. While you're working on the canister from the wheelcase, remove your air resonator while you're at it :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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