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Thunderbird 3rd Brake Light Fix

The 3rd brake lights used on 1989 to 1997 Thunderbirds are prone to
overheating and thus causing perment damage to the light housing and bulb
electrical socket. Pictured here are some of the results from overheating.

This is an example of what happens when the 921 bulbs stay on too long
and overheats the lense.

The plastic on this socket has overheated to the point of melting. The
connector shorted and blew the 921 bulb.

This is a typical overheated socket.

The bulb still worked but the damage is clear.

This is a typical set of overheated sockets to the third brake light.

Overheated third brake light housing top and bottom views. Unless you
remove the plastic/carpeted third brake light cover you will not see the
damage until you blow a bulb and by then it's too late.

To correct this problem you will have to purchase either a replacement
wiring harness Ford part number E9SZ-15B465-A and or new third brake light
housing E9WB-13A617-AA. After replacing the damaged part or parts you will
need to replace the stock 921 bulbs with lower wattage bulbs 912
bulbs. The origional equipment 921 bulb is a 17.9 watt bulb that draws
1.4 amps and produces 21 candle power while the 912 bulb is a 12.8 watt
bulb that draws 1 amp and produces 12 candle power. This bulb replacement
will resolve the overheating of the third brake light connector and housing.

MN12 Performance Inc.


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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