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Thunderbird Fuel Rail Rebuild

After many years of hot underhood temps the factory fuel rail hoses
will get hard and brittle. Ford does not offer any serviceable parts on
the fuel rail. Fuel rail rebuilding is easy to do and increases the life
of the fuel rail itself. This article is designed to be a guide and should
be considered as one. Improper installation of the hoses can cause fuel
leaks and fire. This special FC332-4 AQP push-on hose is made by Areoquip
and is designed to be pushed on over the barbs but will not come off.

Construction: AQP elastomer tube, textile braid reinforcement,
blue AQP elastomer cover.

Application: For gasoline, fuel and lubrication oils, air and

Opperating Temperature Range: -40 f to +300 f (-40 c to 150 c)

Removal of the fuel rail from the vehicle is not covered in this

Replacement fuel pressure regulators can be purchased HERE.

Inspect fuel rail for any signs of damage first.

This cover had been worn through by a hose clamp mounted too close
to the fuel line.

Then remove the heat shield using a razor blade. We begin with the
hose at the front of the engine.

Then cut the fuel hose.

Using a razor blade cut into the plastic fuel line at a 45 degree
angle to reduce the risk of damaging the hard line.

Two barbs are on each hard line which you need to be careful of when
cutting the old hose off.

If you slice a groove over either of the barbs a fuel leak is highly

At this point it's upto you if you want to remove the other three
old hoses first before installing the new hoses.

I will show you removal and installation of each of the hoses.

At this point we have replaced the front fuel line.

Next the rear fuel line.

Cut the cover off to expose the fuel line.

Cut the hose off the hard line.

Check for any sharp edges caused by the razor blade and clean off
any grease, dirt or oil.

Push the hose over the barbed hard line.

Finally the two short lines at the rear.

The fuel rail is ready to go back on the engine.

MN12 Performance Inc.


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